Saturday, March 31, 2007

California Science Center

Today was R2 Builders day at the California Science Center, which is currently hosting the "Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination" exhibit.

As usual, Mike's R2 was the star of the show, making the rounds and regaling the crowd.

Mike gave a talk about R2 building and the R2 Builders Club. He talked about his R2 on stage, and showed various parts (including my drivetrain). William Miyamoto and Guy Vardaman also said a few words.

There we also the cool props at the exhibit, including Luke's landspeeder, the rebel blockade runner Tantive IV, and the Jawa's sandcrawler, among many, many more.

And of course, a Lucasfilm R2-D2 prop was there.

Afterward, we visited one of the R2 mailboxes and took some pictures. All in all, a fun day!

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