Saturday, January 27, 2007

Worked on Vertical Part of Outer Foot Shells

Mike and I were able to put in just a little time on the outer foot shells today.

This time we concentrated on the flat, vertical part of the inboard side of the feet. This is area where the battery boxes rest against the feet. We already cut the curve a few weeks ago from PVC pipe.

First Mike cut some 3.5" sections of 1/8" PVC.

Then he cut a series of small strips to help double the thickness of the PVC, where it will meet the 1/4"-thick pipe segment. We glued those in place.

Finally, we glued the quarter section of PVC pipe to the flat area we just cut. Obviously this all needs to be cut down to size later.

Tomorrow I plan to glue another strip behind the two surfaces where they meet, to help further bond them together.

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