Thursday, January 11, 2007

Slow Week

Let's see if I can give the appearance of being busy, without really doing anything.

I ordered couple of flasher circuits from, after seeing them in action in Vince's and Russell's domes at the last two R2LA gatherings. I really like how they looked, so I'm going to experiment with them.

I also played around with my sounds on the CFSound III. Thanks to Mike, I'm able to rotate through a series of many sounds on input #1, and play distinct sounds on the other inputs. I'm manually grounding the inputs to trigger them for now. Once my remote arrives (which is another story...), I can use the remote to trigger them.

Roy Powers stopped by tonight to do some fact finding on the rails, nuts and bolts that help hold parts of R2 together.

Did that give the appearance of being busy? I didn't think so. Mike and I plan to resume work on the PVC foot shells on Sunday, so maybe that will make up for a slow week.


Chris said...

you forgot to include answering countless emails from us newbies asking really dumb questions.

thanks for all the help this week ;)


Victor Franco said...

My pleasure. I can almost single-handedly take credit for Mike taking so long on his second R2, since I've bothered him almost non-stop for the past year-and-a-half. The only way I can repay him is to try to help others.

Chris said...

cool :)