Friday, January 12, 2007

Assembled New PSI Circuits

The flasher kits I ordered from arrived today.

As cool as the fading PSI circuits are, I think I'd like to try having constant, full illumination for each color, so I'm trying these out.

I substituted my own red/blue and green/yellow superbright LEDs for the red ones that come with the kit. So far so good, but I need to play around with the diffusion in the dome a bit before I can declare success.


Calvin Thomas said...

Which lites did you have before?
I bought the ones from Hyperdyne
( I think it was them )
But mine are not adjustable.

Victor Franco said...

I have been using Dan Stuettgen's PSI board. It is definitely a nice setup, controlling both PSIs from one board. But the lights are at full intensity for only a moment, and then they fade as they alternate colors. That means that the display is usually dim (or off).


Chris said...

i have the FOP boards and they'll do for now, but i'll probably want to swap them out down the road. i'm very interested in seeing how these work out.

do you know if there's a video online of these running? or can your camera take a short video?

Victor Franco said...


I just e-mailed you a short clip of the flasher kits in action. (Quality of the video is so-so.)


Chris said...

cool, got it.

you should upload to youtube or somewhere so you can include it in your blog.