Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tested Band Saw, Countersunk Door Screw Holes, Marked Up Aluminum Tubing

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'm planning to start work on the drivetrain. My friend Kelvin, whose tools I've been borrowing, just purchased a band saw (lucky me!). He's agreed to help me try cutting the aluminum tubing for the drivetrain at his house. Today we did a test cut just to make sure the band saw could handle it. It seemed to work great.

Back home, I countersunk the four holes in the back door, so that the screws holding the door onto the body will sit flush with the back door's surface.

Later in the evening, I started marking up the aluminum tubing for tomorrow's cuts. This drivetrain will be based on the Heath and Alex drivetrain design.

I really hope I don't mess this up. I've already realized I have one problem - the wheels I purchased are too wide for the tube. I'm hoping I can Dremel out some material from the aluminum tube to get the wheels to fit.

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