Sunday, November 26, 2006

Finished Dome Rewiring

I spent some time tonight completing the dome rewiring.

Seven miles, er, feet, of wire had been held together by twisting and using electrical tape, with predictable (i.e. unreliable) results. I had done that as a rush-job for R2LA IV. So one by one, I undid the old connection, soldered a new one, and used shrink tubing to hold each connection together. There were about 20 reworked points of contact in all.

Once I was done, I had to test at least part of the circuit. Both Front Logic displays worked perfectly, so that's a good sign. I could even jiggle the wires pretty hard with no loss of power. I'll get this all back into the dome soon, hopefully much more neatly this time.

By the way, good news with my shoulder hub magnets from yesterday. The glue is holding, and the magnets are doing their job.

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