Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Started Working on Temporary Rear Logics

Way back in September 2005, I put together one of the PIC flasher kits I ordered from Carl's Electronics. Well, until there is a run of rear logics, I've found a use for it.

Copying Mike as usual, I'm going to use 16 LEDs to light the rear logics, with a fake set of LEDs printed on a transparency, rather than attempt to solder up 108 actual LEDs. The transparency will be lit from the back by the 16 LEDs that will be blinking and cycling via the PIC flasher circuit.

The first order of business was digging up the old board, which still had the LEDs from the kit sloppily soldered together.

Next, it was time to start pulling off those LEDs.

Finally, I pulled off nine strands of some ribbon cable for an IDE drive and soldered the ends to the PIC flasher board, one by one.

Tomorrow I hope to start working on the other end of the cable. I'll cut some project board to hold the LEDs, and then solder them up.

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