Thursday, October 26, 2006

Started Rear Logic LEDs

I decided to go ahead and start wiring up my rear logic LEDs using the superbrights that I already have. If need be, I can dim them somehow later.

First, I had to spend more time than I anticipated, organizing the LED pattern so that the 16 LEDs on only 8 wires would appear to blink as randomly as possible. Since two LEDs will share each wire, a regular wiring pattern wouldn't look so good. Once I had the pattern set, I started placing the top row of 8 LEDs. The LED leads needed to be trimmed down, they were way too long.

The PIC flasher circuit has a common connection for all the anodes. Being the lazy bum that I am, I just stitched the anodes together by soldering the left-over sections of the trimmed LED legs. I tested each individual LED after I was done with the whole row, and they each blinked properly. So even though the solder job is ugly, it works.

To be continued...

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