Monday, July 24, 2006

Painted Coin Slots, Cylinder Holders

Sure enough, we did have thunderstorms yesterday, so I decided to take the day off. Today things were somewhat dryer, although still relatively humid. Not exactly ideal conditions for painting, but why let good judgment stop me now?

In the morning, I painted the resin coin slots silver. When I got home in the evening, they were dry, so I gave them a loose fitting in the skins.

Later on, I painted the wooden cylinder holders white. No apparent disasters that I can see.


Calvin Thomas said...

During my paint problems,
I never had a problem painting the Enamels during rainy weather.
But that clearcoat and the Duplicolor blue, Man that stuff is picky about the weather.
I'm still JEALOUS of that Aluminum showing through the seams, Thats how I wanted mine to look, But I had a problem with the Aluminum skins and had to go the all white standard.

Victor Franco said...


Did you ever post pics of your final success? I'd love to see any.


Calvin Thomas said...

I going to post some this weekend.
I'm being super carefull and painting only 1 piece at a time.
So the paint dust does not effect the panels.
So far I have 4 perfect panels and they look like glass.