Saturday, July 22, 2006

Legs Painted(!), Aluminum Flashing for Shoulder Discs

Whoo hoo! I went over to Mike's today, and at long last, the legs got painted.

Mike did all the painting, and I was more than grateful. As Principal Skinner said on The Simpsons, "If life has taught me one lesson repeatedly, it's to know when I'm beat."

Mike applied his expert painting skills to the middle leg first.

Next, it was on to the outer legs. Nothing like wearing a mask in 100+ degree heat, with leg-on-a-stick.

Then, it was time to hang 'em up to dry.

Hopefully they'll be ready to use in about a week (we want them to dry thoroughly). Thank you Mike!!!

I picked up some aluminum ducting (3' length x 8" diameter) at Home Depot on the way home, and used tin snips to cut the pieces that cover the wooden shoulder discs. I have not screwed these into the shoulder discs yet, I want to wait for the legs to come back home first so that I can ensure a proper placement.

I wrapped up by fitting the coin slots into the frame, I plan to paint them silver tomorrow (assuming we don't get thunderstorms in all this humidity, and that I have enough silver paint on hand).

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