Sunday, July 16, 2006

Leg Rehabilitation Begins at Mike's

"You can repair him, can't you? You must repair him!"

I've danced around some problems with the legs for a long time, and it was time to face my demons.

First off, the armpits for the under shoulder details are hideous on my legs. So hideous that I rarely post pictures of them. Second, I did a poor job in implementing Alan's well suggested and well explained styrene channel for the slots in the ankles. So, in all embarrassment for my inability to execute, here's the ugly truth.

Mike Senna kindly offered to help me do some repairs. Starting with sandpaper and Bondo, we started smoothing and filling gaps in the armpits and slots. Keep in mind that I've never purchased Bondo before today, let alone used it. I've heard of it ("that car's body is over half Bondo"), but that's about it. Bondo is my new friend now.

We used paper plates (you read correctly) cut to the proper size and shape to smooth out the edging on the armpits and legs, with Bondo between the paper plate snippets and the wood. Paper is wood, right? It can be glued, primed, painted, etc.

When we were done, the areas we worked on looked much, much better.

Sure, there's a little work left to be done, but this was a big boost.

I also still need to sand down the leg I painted white last weekend, I'll work on that during the week. Hopefully next weekend the legs will be ready for another try at a final painting. Stay tuned...

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