Monday, June 12, 2006

Finished Booster Cover MDF Notches, Utility Arm Work

I finished notching the last two pieces of MDF for the booster cover mounts (they look just like yesterday's work).

With the dome and legs removed, I turned the body upside-down and glued in the upper piece of MDF that will hold the top utility arm in place. It was mildly amusing to have R2 upside down and be able to spin him around on the lazy susan Rockler bearing (evidently, I'm easily amused).

I also drilled holes in the ends of the utility arms for the servo arm bars that will protrude from them. These are the bars from this past Saturday that have a tiny hole drilled at the ends. I haven't JB Welded the bars in place yet, I probably need to shorten them up a bit first, so they don't run into any internal vertical ribs.

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