Monday, May 01, 2006

Primed Horseshoes, Cut Rear Coin Return Frames

In the morning, I applied the first coats of primer to the horseshoes. Of course, the shim layer only requires primer and paint along the edge, so I didn't give the shim faces full coverage. In the evening I sanded the primer, and I plan to make another pass with the primer tomorrow morning.

Later in the evening I used the Dremel to carefully rough-cut the two coin return frames for the back door.

I cleaned the frames up somewhat with a file, and set them loosely together with the inner piece of the coin return. I'll eventually JB Weld the frame and inner part together, and then JB Weld the whole thing to the inside of the back door. Luckily scratches in the aluminum tend to disappear over time thanks to oxidation. I hope to get to the front door coin return tomorrow.

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