Sunday, April 30, 2006

Finished Horseshoes, Built Front Vent Harness, Started Coin Returns (Again)

This morning I finished up the cloned shim layer that I made the other day, thus completing the horseshoe build. The horseshoes are ready for primer, but it was too breezy today.

Next I worked on building a harness for the front vents. I drilled holes into the sides of the vent surrounds (I hated to do that, but in the interest of sturdiness, I did), and then tapped the holes for #4-40 screws. The holes were strategically located so they won't show, unless if you were to lay down on the ground perhaps, and even then, only the top vent's holes would be visible.

I've managed to live my entire life without ever using a tap until now, that's how far removed I am from being an actual craftsman-type. I glued a small piece of 1/4" MDF to separate the two vents in between them, and then screwed down the rails that will attach to the frame from the inside. The frame ribs on either side of the vents will need to be shaved a bit when I screw the L-channel to them, to have the vents look just right from the outside.

Next, I used the vise to fold the two coin returns that I cut out yesterday. What a difference having the right tools makes! Using tin snips and a vise for the job was so much easier than using scissors and the edge of a table, and produces much better results.

This coming week I will probably keep working on the vents and coin returns, and start thinking about the booster covers,which I hope to start working on next weekend.

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