Friday, April 07, 2006

Attached Rest of Panels to Dome

Tonight I affixed all of R2's remaining dome panels to the dome. All but the very top two small pieces were attached with 3M Very High Bond Tape (5 mils x 1/2", clear), the other two were attached with silicone.

Once the side panels were done but before the pie panels up top were on, R2 truly looked like a "chrome-dome."

It took quite a while, but finally Phase 1 of the dome build is just about done. All that remains is to secure the eye lens to the eye with silicone. Phase 2 will involve the dome electronics and holoprojectors. I'm not sure when I'll get to those, I will probably get back to work on the legs next.


Calvin Thomas said...

Did you test the tape on something before you put on the panels?
I was wondering how strong it bonds.
And I'm sorry to ask again, But what type of silicone did you use?
I switched from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000 and lost all my files.
9 months gone in a flash.
Your dome looks AWESOME!!!!
Can't wait to get mine finished.

Victor Franco said...

Hi Calvin,

I just tested the tape on the carboard box that it shipped in. It is a good idea to practice on something, to get a feel for how to apply it. I would cut an inch or so with scissors, then apply it stick-side-down on the surface, and then peel the backing paper off. There we several times that I had to pull the tape off and try again if it did not lay down nice and flat, but it comes off much like rubber cement. Often the tape would stick to the scissors as I cut it, and sometimes I was able to savage the cut, and sometimes I had to toss it out and try again. Glad it comes in 60 yard rolls!

Re: Silicone: It is GE Silicone II Clear Silicone. I e-mailed you a picture of it just now.

You're right, nine months came and went almost before I realized it. I wonder when I'll finish? I'm guessing around the end of the year if I can keep this pace up.

Thanks for the compliment on the dome, it is nice to have that part done. It took me a lot longer than it looks like it should have.