Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Attached First Two Dome Panels with Silicone

This morning I applied silicone to the corners of two of the dome panels and glued them onto the dome. I used the blue tape to hold them in place during the day while the silicone dried, and in the evening removed the tape.

I used silicone for these two panels because there isn't enough room for them to be backed with the double-sided tape I plan to use for the other panels. I'm still waiting for my 5 mil tape to arrive, so until it does I can't do a whole lot more to the dome at the moment.


Calvin Thomas said...

You found the 5mil tape?
Where did you order it from?
Those panels look GREAT!!

Victor Franco said...

I found the tape via Google here:

I ordered two of the 1/2" wide rolls. Hopefully these will do the trick.



Calvin Thomas said...

I noticed you said the corners only,
Any special reason not to apply it to the hole panel?
Just wondering.
Thanks for the Uline site, I'll order some tape from them.

Victor Franco said...

Literally because that's what Mike did, and I mindlessly follow his lead.

Probably to keep the silicone to a minimum to make future removal easier than if it were spread all over the back of the panel(s).

For the front piece, I also put a drop at each end of the middle crossbar, so that piece has six drops total. Both panels seem to be stuck on the dome pretty securely.

My tape arrived today. It's kind of weird. Because it is so thin, it stretches like a film pretty easily. I think it needs to be applied sticky-side down, with the backer paper still on it, then peel the backer paper away. I never thought tape would need instructions, but I'm kind of dense.

I got home late tonight so hopefully tomorrow I can start using it on the rest of the panels.