Sunday, December 11, 2005

Routed LDP Area, Sanded Resin, Started Cutting Skins

I routed out the area of the frame that contains the Large Data Port (LDP), and did a test-fit:

While I was working on the frame I also trimmed a couple of ribs and the shoulder planks (no pictures posted for this), to better accommodate the octagon ports.

Speaking of the octagon ports, I flipped the belt sander upside-down, secured it, and went to work sanding away. I figured resin dust is probably not a good thing to breath, so I wore a mask along with the goggles and ear protection. I sanded them down to the point that there was only about 1/16" extra overhang. I may hand-sand the rest, or I may leave them as-is. I haven't decided. See More Resin Parts for a "before" look.

Finally, I started cutting out parts of the aluminum skins with a hacksaw blade. Still much more to do, I've only gotten started.

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