Saturday, May 12, 2018

Evelyn & Jose's Wedding

Today R2 was the ring bearer in Evelyn and Jose's wedding.

I had been contacted a few months ago to help make their dream come true of having R2 be the ring bearer in their wedding, and agreed to do it. We met up a couple weekends ago to go over logistics and rehearsal.

Today I arrived a little after 3pm for a 5pm ceremony. The wedding was outdoors at Luminarias restaurant, and there wasn't any good places to hide R2, so I had to hide him in plain site.

Sometimes a droid has to suffer a little indignity to get the job done.

I had the Best Man, Tanner, tie the rings to the pillow, as he'd be on the hook to untie them during the ceremony.

The guests arrived and were seated, and the ceremony began. I kind of hid behind a portion of the restaurant, which meant that everyone in the wedding party passed by me, although I was unseen by the guests.

I quietly and discreetly uncovered R2 and prepared him to do his thing, while all eyes were on the bride and groom.

On cue (the usual, Best-Man-"Forgot"-the-Rings), R2 appeared to the rescue. He drove down the aisle, stopped in front of the gazebo for Tanner to fetch the rings, and then moved aside and the ceremony resumed. The guests really enjoyed the surprise.

As the new husband and wife departed the ceremony, I got to be the first one to shake their hands.

And shortly thereafter, we took pictures at the gazebo and in front of a fountain near the restaurant's entrance.

R2 also visited the reception for a little while, where guests took the opportunity to take pictures with him. (He's in there somewhere.)

One last picture on the dance floor before we hit the road.

This is the sixth wedding R2 has attended, and his third as ring bearer. I always like having R2 be a part of such a happy occasion, and today was no exception. Congratulations Evelyn and Jose!


Evelyn Cano said...

Wow!! I can’t say thank you enough. You made our day even more special with this little guy. It was such a great surprise to all our guests, everyone loved R2D2 and of course we could not be more thrilled. It will be a day we will never forget. Thank you Victor and R2D2

Victor Franco said...

You are very welcome, I'm glad R2 and I were able to be a part of it. :)