Saturday, October 28, 2017

Stan Lee's LA Comicon 2017 - Day 1

Today was day #1 (well, day 2 for most everyone else) at Stan Lee's LA Comicon at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I joined many of the R2 Builders and BB-8 Builders and Mouse Droid Builders and WALL•E builders (luckily, we are mostly the same people) for the fun.

I'm testing out a brand new center foot with a pair of omniwheels, along with a new steel center foot shell that isn't quite finished yet. I'll be interested to see how the omniwheels perform.

Just a few of the people that were waiting to get in at show opening. Thank goodness for exhibitor badges.

The booth was constantly busy.

At one point some of us ventured out with our Mouse Droids to have a little fun with them on the slick floor.

A little later in the day, a few of us roamed around the show floor with our droids. Naturally we had to stop several times for photo ops.

We also took the obligatory group picture. Somehow we managed to misplace Michael McMaster, but he was with us too. Thank you to Amy Senna for the photo.

I took off a little early to catch game 4 of the World Series, but we'll be back at it again tomorrow.

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