Friday, March 31, 2017

Wondercon 2017 - Day 1

Today was Day 1 of Wondercon 2017, and as usual, the Southern California R2 Builders were there to represent! Including Chris Romines, working on stuff as usual in the booth. Due to droid #1's center ankle mishap yesterday, droid #2 is being pressed into service for Wondercon.

The BB-8 Builders had their own booth as they sometimes do, but unfortunately it was not adjacent to ours. It was across the way though, so it was easy to come visit.

There was also a nice cement area in the middle for the droids to roam. Michael McMaster and Mike Senna brought their mouse droids, and eventually descended into a game of chicken/demolition derby.

We spent the day entertaining the crowd. At 7:00pm we held our droid-building panel, which was reasonably well attended, considering the late hour.

And we wrapped up with a panel selfie.

One day down, two to go!

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