Thursday, March 30, 2017

Center ankle broken

On the way home from today's photoshoot, the Droidmobile drove through a construction zone. The ride got quite bouncy at one point, and I could hear R2 bounce up and down hard. I took a look back, and everything seemed ok, so I continued driving home. When I got home and opened the back door, however, I saw this:

That's not good. :( The tip of the center ankle tore out.

Likewise, the PVC foot shell, which somehow managed to support the droid during the ride back, was badly damaged.

I suspect that nearly 10 years of pounding on that ankle weakened it to the point that the bounce in the car finished it off. All those cracks, cobblestone, and elevator thresholds have taken their toll.

I will have to build a new center leg. I do plan to use wood again, but I may reinforce the outsides with metal. I have a spare aluminum center foot shell that I plan to put into service. Ten years of fixing the PVC one is probably enough.

To top it off, Wondercon starts tomorrow. Good thing I have a second droid!

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