Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stan Lee's LA Comicon 2016 - Day 2

Today marked day #2 of Stan Lee's LA Comicon, and we had plenty of droids for the occasion.

We arrived around 8:15am for a 9:00am show opening. This was to be a fairly long day, with show-close at 6:00pm. By the time I arrived, the booth was mostly ready to go, as Chris Romines leveraged the convention as a building weekend.

9:00am arrived, and so did the crowds.

You can't have a Stan Lee Comicon without Stan Lee. Our booth was near the main stage, so we saw plenty of him, and he certainly draws a good crowd!

Here's a first (at least as far as I know), three WALL•Es; with Preston Altree, Michael McMaster, and Mike Senna.

Meanwhile the R2s still got plenty of attention.

The droid builders were allowed access to the VIP area, where we were able to get lunch and some rest from time to time.

In the afternoon, Gordon Tarpley suited up as C-3PO, and we walked the convention with my R2. That's always a crowded adventure. We paid some visits as we made our way around.

Star Trek's Nichelle Nichols.

The amazing Fon Davis.

When we returned to the droid area, we were joined by Cory as Chewbacca. Along with BB-8, that drew quite a crowd.

By the end of the day, both Wookiee and droid builder alike were pooped, but we'll rest up and do it one more time tomorrow!

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