Saturday, May 21, 2016

Irvine High School Swim Team Banquet

Tonight was Irvine High School's annual end-of-the-season banquet and awards ceremony for their boy's swim team. My life-long friend Kelvin has a son on the team, and it turns out the swim coach is a huge Star Wars fan, so I was asked to have R2 make a surprise appearance toward the end of the festivities.

The banquet was well attended, with over 100 people present.

In the meantime, R2 hid incognito in the kitchen.

Toward the end of the evening, I affixed the gift card that R2 was to present to the coach on his upper utility arm, as we prepared to make our surprise entrance.

And pleasantly surprised they were! Everyone was delighted to see R2 roll in and present the gift card, especially the coach.

That was fun, I'm glad R2 was able to bring some extra happiness to the event.

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