Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Star Wars Night with the Anaheim Ducks - 2015

Tonight was Star Wars Night at Honda Center, where the Anaheim Ducks play. R2 was joined members of the 501st and Rebel Legion to help bring the Force to the fans there. My friend Rich, who's a big Ducks fan, joined me to help out with pictures and such.

I arrived around 5:00pm for the 7:30pm game and unloaded R2 where the players park. There were some nice, expensive cars down there. And then there was the Droidmobile.

The characters went up to a conference room on the third floor to change. Once they were done, we got ready to head out to the entrance to meet the arriving fans.

People stopped for pictures with all the characters, and R2 was quite popular.

R2 was also asked to be part of the Fox pregame broadcast. The hosts got some pics with some of the characters before air time.

We stationed R2 on the right side of the stage for the beginning of the segment.

About midway through the segment, the director had me drive R2 across to the left side, which was somewhat amusing.

R2 stayed on the left side of the stage until the segment was over, at which point we took him down and went back to visiting with the fans.

R2 got to visit with some of the Ducks Power Players (with more of that to come below), who were all dressed as Princess Leia.

R2 also did an interview with Ducks TV, and was shown at various times during the broadcast.

Whoa, there's a hockey game too? After the first period, Rich and I joined my other friend Jay and we were able to take in about 15 minutes of play of the second period before we were off on our next little adventure.

About 6 minutes before the second period ended, we went down to where the Zamboni machine lives, to meet with the crew down there, and the rest of the Power Players. More pics!

After that visit, R2 wasn't quite done. It was time for the Dance Cam during the 3rd period. We were stationed not far from the ice, on the first floor.

During one of the TV breaks, they played some music and showed people on the scoreboard dancing to the music, including the Star Wars characters and R2.

At this point, R2's night was finally over. I stored him in the car while Rich watched the rest of the game from his perch near the ice. By the time I was done, the game ended, with the Ducks losing to Tampa Bay, 2-1. R2's record is 0-1 now for the Ducks. Hopefully I can even that up next year!

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