Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Wedding Night at the Museum

This past April at Wondercon, I met a couple, Brianne and Phillip, who were planning to get married in October. They asked if I thought there was any chance that R2 might be a guest at the wedding, and I guess R2 said "I do." The wedding was held at a unique venue, the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History.

Since the museum is pretty much next door to where the retired Space Shuttle Endeavor now lives at the California Science Center, I decided to arrive early and check out my tax dollars.


Around 4:30pm we had R2 take pictures with the wedding party before the guests arrived. R2's appearance was to be a surprise to the guests.

This time around, R2 was not to be in the ceremony itself, but he was to make an appearance at the reception. So I stowed R2 in the room where the groom and groomsmen were awaiting the ceremony.

Since I had some time, I looked around the museum a bit. I asked one of the employees what time the dinosaurs come to life, but I only got the weary half-smile that I give when I'm asked if R2 can fly, so I went back to the room R2 was in to wait for the reception.

Well, apparently the ceremony was a success, because the next time I saw Brianne and Phillip at the reception, they were man and wife.

R2 was indeed a fun surprise for the guests, and lots of them took pictures.

We wrapped up pictures, and that was a wrap for R2. After everyone retired to dinner, I covered him up, headed to the elevator, and tried to take an odd selfie.

Weddings are always fun, and I was glad I was able to help out with this one. Congratulations, Brianne and Phillip.


perello23 said...

Nice job once again Victor.

Victor Franco said...

Thanks Ed!