Sunday, January 04, 2015

Wedding Reception

Tonight R2 was a guest at America Young's wedding reception. America is a talented actress and producer who attends the Breakfast with Santa event that I've brought R2 out to the last few years.

I arrived around 5:10pm and got R2 ready for his entrance, complete with bowtie.

The plan was to have America escort R2 out onto the dance floor as a big surprise guest. Even her groom Dove didn't know R2 would be there.

The DJ announced R2, and everyone went wild. R2 did some dancing and had fun on the dance floor with the happy couple and the guests.

After he was done dancing, I stationed R2 near the dessert table for photo ops.

We weren't too far from the wedding cake. I managed to resist pawing it.

A little while later, the bride and groom cut the cake, and we wrapped up our visit.

Wedding are always fun and special occasions, I'm glad I was able to help out just a little bit with this one.


perello23 said...

How was the cake? ;)

Victor Franco said...

Delicious! Er, I mean, I have no idea.

zerry ht said...

I think the main guest of event would be R2 and no one would have cared for the couple. Here if similar thing happens in local Las Vegas Weddings, I am pretty much sure that no one will care for the couple as everyone here seems to be tech freak.