Saturday, November 22, 2014

Make-A-Wish Star Wars Party for Aiden

Today R2 and about a dozen other Star Wars characters helped make a Star Wars birthday wish for young Aiden come true, via a Make-A-Wish event. Aiden in particular wanted to meet Darth Vader, so we were saving Vader and his Dark Side companions for later in the day.

Lunch was catered in part by an anthropomorphic pig ("Wilbur"), who was also serving his kind.

When Aiden and his family and friends arrived, all the Star Wars characters were lined up to greet them!

The characters mingled with the guests as they got their food. There was even a Darth Vader cake!

After lunch, Vader and his henchmen made their appearance!

All the kids got lightsabers, and got to participate in Jedi training. As did Wilbur.

Not only did Aiden graduate, he got his very own mini-Vader costume!

As we were wrapping up, everyone came out to see Obi-Shawn's Z Wing. (Although I think the limo Aiden arrived in and my Element are also cool.)

And just because... Sabine's helmet and Chopper Bear.

It was a long drive back (2.5 hours) but very worthwhile. I'm glad R2 and I were able to participate.

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