Saturday, September 27, 2014

Star Wars Rebels Red Carpet Premiere, and Press Event

Today R2 was joined by several characters from Star Wars Rebels to help with the premiere of the show at the AMC theaters in Century City, CA.

R2's partners in mischief were Chopper and Michael McMaster, and his wrangler Gordon Tarpley.

R2 and Chopper were joined by Chris Bartlett as C-3PO, which is always a treat. Kevin Weir and Michael Bender joined as Rebel Stormtroopers (I think!) and Lawrence Green as a rebel pilot, as the voice cast and crew made their way down the red carpet.

After the red carpet, the characters relocated upstairs near the theaters, where Rebels character displays were set up. If I actually watched TV I would know who some of these people are.

Once the movie started, characters were asked to do a little media stuff with Disney to wrap up.

But our day wasn't over yet!

We grabbed some quick lunch and motored over to the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverley Hills, for a press conference(!).

R2 and C-3PO kicked off the press conference with an intro. C-3PO even took some questions, before the voice cast came in.

The voice cast and the crew visited us in the green room as well.

Freddie Prinze Jr. especially liked Chopper, and took a pic with Chopper's builder, Michael McMaster.

We finally wrapped up around 4:30pm, and our day still wasn't over! R2LA XI awaited, with 2 hours of traffic between us.

We had a great time, and were to return the following day to the Four Seasons Hotel for another media day. Whee!

The full photoset is here.

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