Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Work on Droid #2

My replacement U-bolt arrived today, so I attempted to get droid #2 back in working order.

First, I wanted to see the damage to the threads on the old U-bolt, so I hacked the nut in half so I could remove it.

Those would be the stripped threads.

I needed to cut down the legs on the new U-bolt in order for the socket wrench to reach the the span of the legs as I tighten the nuts.

I also cut notches into the inside curve of the U-bolt to help grip the gas pipe around which it fits.

The old, mangled U-bolt on top, and the new replacement on the bottom.

I removed the gas pipe from the right leg in order to more easily continue filing the flat spot on it where the vertical rail gets bolted down.

After I'd finished filing, I did a loose fit of the related parts.

I then bolted the gas pipe and flange back onto the wooden disc on the leg.

And finally, I tightened down the vertical rail with the new U-bolt.

And after all that… he's still leaning too far back.

Also, something's wrong with the right foot motor. Possibly a piece of keystock got loose, I'm not sure.

At this point I definitely need to step away from this and take a breather, lest I fix it with a baseball bat. I'll get back to it in a while, but I have other stuff coming up with droid #1 that will keep me busy.

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