Friday, April 11, 2014

Almost Finished Building Droid Lift Apparatus for Droid #2

Today I mostly finished the droid lift work that goes on the inside of droid #2.

The plan was pretty much to clone the assembly from droid #1, so I removed the U-bolts that attach the assembly to the main gas pipe, and pulled the thing out.

And then I exploded it.

I used the holes in the square tube and bars as a template for where to drill the pieces I cut last night.

Original on the left, the copy is on the right. Unfortunately, the copy is a bit more askew. This is because the holes that are drilled in the original are oversized for the 5/16" bolt that attaches the crossbar. I may need to also redrill the copy with a larger hole.

The gas pipes are a bit crooked due to this problem. Everything still works, but I'll probably go back and adjust this so the gas pipes are level.

I also need to cut the ends off the gas pipe so I can store them in the center leg in the droid, without the them running into the main gas pipe that attaches the legs.

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