Saturday, March 22, 2014

Attached Components to Electronics Board for Droid #2

Today I worked on populating the electronics board on droid #2 with some of the components that will bring R2 to life.

This means locating the speed controller, Stealth receiver, power supply board and the VMusic2 board. I used a hand drill to drill holes in the electronics board.

The VMusic2 cover doesn't have any mount points, so for now it's held on with Velcro. The ampilifier may also end up getting attached with Velcro as well. Everything else is screwed down.

I wired up the positive and negative connections for the Vantec RFDR23 speed controller. This took a lot longer than it probably should have.

I still need to hook up the wires that go to the foot motors to the speed controller, and I need to mount and hook up the amplifier to the VMusic2. At that point, things may be read to test on the droid!

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