Saturday, November 02, 2013

Comikaze 2013 - Day 2

Today was Day 2 of the Comikaze convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

My droid and I were joined by Todd Gottfried, Chris Romines, Gene Arena, William & Nikki Miyamoto, and their droids. Michael McMaster and Mike Senna each brought their WALL•E robots too.

Everything we left in the booth last night was still there this morning. They do staff the exhibit hall with 24 hour security, but there is always that concern.

Thankfully, our Exhibitor badges allow us to avoid joining the thousands of people waiting to get in.

At 9:00am they threw open the gates, and the non-stop visits began!

Meanwhile, the main stage behind us was busy throughout the day with various personalities.

Alyssa Milano.

Stan Lee, who is very funny and quick on his feet, both literally and figuratively. Not bad for someone going on 91 years old!

The voice cast of the Powerpuff Girls. They were very funny.

Much further down the hall, Michael McMaster's WALL•E paid Louis Anderson a visit.

Mike Senna was getting his head examined by Mark Chu Lin.

After a very fun but tiring day, 8:00pm finally arrived and it was time to wrap up with a partial group picture.

Why is my droid on a cart and the others are still ready to go? Well, Comikaze goes for one more day tomorrow, but my droid already has a prior commitment, so he'll be elsewhere closer to home. It was another fun day, and I'm sure our next convention will be here before we know it.

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