Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Drivetrain Milling with Matthew

Whoa-ho-ho, an actual building update! Yes, this is real.

Droid #2's Senna drivetrains were never completed. I had not drilled holes for the motor mount, nor cut the motor mounts themselves. I spoke with Matthew Henricks recently, and he offered to help with both. This past week he was able to get the motor mounts cut to size at work with a band saw. Tonight, he offered to mill the slots that the Senna drivetrain plans call for.

Matthew has a nice mill in his garage, complete with digital readout for XY position. He ran some quick position calculations, and got to milling. I was merely a spectator with a camera.

The four slots in the drivetrain bodies were milled first.

Followed by the slots in the motor mounts. There were about four passes per slot, with a little more material taken out during each pass.

Sixteen slots (2 drivetrains x (4 slots per motor mount + 4 slots per drivetrain body)) later, and they're done.

Next I need to build the chain for motor side on these guys, and file or grind the tops of the motors down a bit to fit in the battery boxes. I actually did a first pass on this back when I filed droid #1's motors, but I think I still have more work to do.

Thanks Matthew!

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