Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wired Up Front LEDs, Added Wires for Rear LEDs, Installed White LED Gasket, Sanded Rear LED Flanges

Today I had time to work on a few things for the periscope.

The first order of business was to solder in the six red LEDs that go in the small window in the center-bottom of the main periscope body.

The three LEDs on the left with the hard-to-see black marks on the metal leads are the three LEDs that are stacked horizontally on each other. I know that these have been sanded to fit the hole in the periscope body, so I wanted to make sure I used those three for that purpose.

The black front rubber gasket has tiny holes in it for the LED legs, which needed to be trimmed down before installation and soldering. The gasket helps to align the LEDs properly.

I soldered up the LEDs, trimmed the LED leads down further, and did a test fit in the periscope. Luckily, the LEDs fit through their window perfectly. I managed to sand them properly, and solder them in such that they weren't too crooked.

Now the big question, will they light up properly?

Phew, it works.

Next, I turned to soldering the wires for the three circular LEDs that are stationed at the rear of the periscope.

There are three pairs of wires for the three LEDs. I soldered each wire up to its respective connection on the main periscope logic board.

I need to wait until the Devcon Silicone I ordered arrives before I can glue the rear LED gaskets in place, so I wasn't able to test the LEDs yet. Instead, I worked on inserting the white gasket that goes over the main logic board. Per the suggestion in the instructions, I trimmed some of the thicker parts of the rubber gasket.

I then fit the gasket in place.

I also took a moment to follow the advice in the instructions, and trimmed the flap on the side LED light diffusers. I'm not ready to install these yet, and they will probably get another minor trim.

Finally, I trimmed the flange off of the three LEDs with the Dremel drum sander.

Getting there, but still more to do.

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