Saturday, November 10, 2012

Frank & Sons Visit

Today R2 visited Frank & Sons Collectible Show for the creatively named "Nuke the Fridge Con," where many personalities were on hand to sign autographs, including Billy Dee Williams, Ray Park, Daniel Logan, Stan Lee and others. In the early going, the only two droids roaming about were my R2-D2 and Gene Arena's R2-A6.

A little while later, Mike Senna's WALL•E joined us as well.

It was very crowded, with people lining up hours before opening, and filling the building after.

This mini-Tusken was terrific, and had a voice amplifier so he could do the sand person yell. Quite menacing.

Just about every local Star Wars club was present and accounted for, and we squeezed everyone in for a group picture.

As for me, I had Billy Dee Williams sign my back panel. Mike also got his droid's back panel signed, thus filling out the last missing autograph for him. He's got pretty much everyone now.

Around noon we were joined by the Miyamoto family, and things wrapped up around 2:00pm with a group picture, with Daniel Logan standing in for Gene.

Crowded, but fun!

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