Monday, July 02, 2012

Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium 2012

Tonight R2 participated in his fourth consecutive Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium. This evening's appearance was to help promote the Course of the Force charity light saber relay, benefitting Make A Wish.

First things first. I did remember to use all four bungee cords to strap R2 down in the Droidmobile.

Here'a video preview of our main event on the field before the game. R2 on the video board!

Tonight's visit was much like last year's. I arrived early and was allowed to park as close as possible to the stadium, for droid unload.

The characters changed in the Jackie Robinson room, not far from the Press Box, and in the same area as the luxury suites.

As was the case last year, some of us went straight to the field, while others visited Autograph Alley and joined the field group later. Luckily, R2 was with the group going down to the field. We made our way through the now-familiar corridors, labyrinths and passageways.

Back into that elevator that gets me from below ground to the field level!

While the visiting Cincinnati Reds were taking batting practice, R2 and the other characters visited with fans on the field level.

I had a chance to chat with Jim Campanis. Jim's dad Al actually traded Jim to the Royals years ago!

Ben Platt used to operate a roving robot at Dodger Stadium, and writes for their website. He had some funny stories to tell about how he would remotely provide his synthesized voice live to the robot so it could interact with fans.

Dodgers photographer John SooHoo and I had another nice chat. He's such a friendly guy. (And tall.)

Local Fox Sports broadcaster Jaime Maggio asked for a picture with R2 and stormtroopers that she Tweeted.

As seen in the video above, a little before the game started, the characters gathered behind home plate, where they were announced on the PA system and shown on the video board. (Including a close shot of R2's torso, before they zoomed out to show all the characters.) We joined Chris Hardwick of, who did the "It's Time for Dodger Baseball!" announcement and threw out the first pitch.

Just before the game was to start, it was time to hurry up and get off the field, and hop on the mini-elevator. Complete with video.

Like last year, the other characters headed for the right field pavilion, while R2 headed back to the car, since he doesn't handle the stairs over there. As usual, he can't make it to the car without a few dozen more stops for pictures.

I took in the rest of the game at the Stadium Club. Fried chicken!

R2's record of 3-0 was snapped, as the Dodgers lost 8-3. Hopefully R2 can return next year and improve his record.

The full photoset is here.

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