Saturday, July 28, 2012

Star Wars Day at the City of Orange Library

Today was Star Wars Day at the Orange Library, in the city of Orange, CA. Mike Senna joined me in a presentation about the R2 Builders Club and our droids.

Reserved parking up front, very nice.

This event marked the public debut of my R5-D4, which for now is droid #1 dressed up in red, with the new dome. Thanks to Mike for helping to attach the panels while I was dealing with other prep work. Looking good, if I may say so!

The calm before the 1:00pm storm of kids and adults, who waited outside patiently.

The doors opened and dozens of young and not-so-young Star Wars fans filed in. Shortly thereafter, I started the presentation with a light overview of fun facts about R2 in the movies.

Next, Mike and I explained how our droids work, and how we built them.

Mike fielded questions, while I showed how I can transform R5-D4 into R2-D2. In my case, I need to swap out Rockler bearings, but that only takes a minute or two.

After I pulled the red panels off, the kids collectively said "Whoa!" as they saw R2-D2 materialize before them.

Mike talked about the domes, while I showed the audience what my dome looks like on the inside.

We wrapped up about 45 minutes after we started, and then the kids took pictures with the droids, while we answered additional questions.

R2 is on a mission to improve droid literacy.

It was a nice outing, I think everyone enjoyed it.

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