Friday, July 06, 2012

Pop-Con LA 2012 - Day 1

Today was day #1 of the three day Pop-Con LA convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center. First stop: Registration and badge pick-up.

Second stop: The booth itself. I'm a bit height-challenged, as Chris Romines gives me a hand with the banner.

It wasn't the busiest convention day we've seen, but we did get our share of visitors.

At lunchtime I ventured outside to find a place to eat. We're adjacent to Staples Center where the Lakers, Clippers and Kings play, and across the street from Nokia Theater, which is hosting the ESPY awards.

Back inside, Chris and I were joined by William and Zoe Miyamoto, as we drove our droids around the concourse.

Cindy Morgan of the original TRON movie and Caddyshack is always nice to us, and posed with R2.

I did a brief interview with Chicly Geek, as did my droid.

Toward the end of the day, I noticed a sound that sounded like perhaps the chain was slipping on one of the gears of the right drivetrain. With William and Chris' help, we removed the foot and took a look. It seemed that one of the flanged bearings had worn into an oval shape, so I took the drivetrain home for a better look.

Sure enough, the hole in one of the flanged bearings had worn into an oval shape!

I'm thinking that a misaligned axle may be the culprit, but I'll consider this some more. In the meantime, congratulations droid #2! You just became a part donor for droid #1, as I harvested one of the flanges from it.

I hammered this into place on droid #1's drivetrain, and reassembled everything.

I ran a quick test and things seem to be running okay. I'll reinstall this on the droid tomorrow at the convention, and find out for sure if this was a success.

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