Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Worked on Fitting Front Octagon Port

When we last left our front octagon port, it was a little bit crooked in its position in the skins.

At first I thought this was because the corners where the screws go on the new octagon ports were running into the frame itself, so I chiseled out some material on the frame, in an effort to make room for them.

There's no need to repaint these areas black, as they are covered by the part itself.

Well, that didn't do the trick. After some more study, I found that the cutout on the inner skins was pretty narrow, as my Dust Buster peeks through the hole.

There's no easy way to widen the cuts on the inside of the inner skin, so I took a closer look at the octagon port. Sure enough, I left a bit of a bump where I had Dremeled off one of the corners the other day. Time to file that smooth.

Okay, now things are fitting much better.

The octagon ports are now ready for primer, and after light sanding, paint. I also need to paint the MDF mount pieces black.

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