Sunday, January 15, 2012

Over 80,000 Served

Over 80,000 served, quite literally. I missed the rollover!

I believe we hit the 80,000 mark on Friday, January 13, 2012. When I checked the SiteMeter the next day, I saw we hit 80,079.

This is the first time I missed a multiple of 10,000 visits, so no one gets the mythical, non-existent award this time.

Time to update the stats.

It took 1 year, 10 months and 24 days to get to 10,000. It took another 1 year and 17 days to get to 20,000. It took another 11 months and 19 days to get to 30,000 visits. It only took another 7 months and 15 days to get to 40,000. It took an additional 5 months and 1 week to get to 50,000. Slowing down, it took an additional 6 months and two days to get to 60,000. It took almost exactly 5 more months to get to 70,000. Finally, it took 5 months and 10 days to get to 80,000.

Thanks as always for all the visits!


James said...

Hi ya, congrats on your count. I was surfing your page a few times over the weekend lol, so it might of been me who hit the mark :-D

Cole Horton said...

Congrats Victor! You earned every one!

Victor Franco said...

Thanks guys!

It actually feels strange not writing updates every day lately. I'm sure I'll be doing something soon (like finally putting together my R5 dome) that will get me back in action.

James said...

I look forward to following your R5 dome build!

Anonymous said...

What no million dollar winner????