Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Marked Mike's Dome Ring for Drilling

Today I had just a few minutes to work on Mike's dome electronics for his second droid.

I laid out the base plates for the various electronics mounting assemblies, and traced their footprints.

Similar to my dome on my second droid, here is the layout for Mike's second droid's dome. I plan to use six C batteries rather than the D cells I use, as I was able to find the proper battery holders at Orvac Electronics in Fullerton, CA. This will help make the dome a bit lighter, yet still provide plenty of run-time on the dome electronics.

I still need to do a little more PVC cutting. I need to build the vertical supports for the PSI holders, and I need to use the Dremel drum sander to work around some of the weld points on the dome ring. I'm also going to recut the DC/DC converter base plate to be a little longer, to help accommodate its dome ring mounting screws.

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