Sunday, November 27, 2011

LosCon 2011

Today I joined several R2 builders for a panel at LosCon 38 at the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles.

LosCon is a science fiction-oriented gathering, and they invited Southern California R2 builders to present a panel on R2 building, and to hang out in one of the display rooms during the weekend. I was only able to make it today, but other builders were there the past two days as well.

Our panelists included William Miyamoto, Randy Eubanks and Mike Senna. I served as moderator.

As you can see, we had droids and parts on display, to help illustrate what goes into droid building. William and Nikki Miyamoto had some of Nikki's "Million Dollar R2" parts on display as well.

Among many topics, Mike showed how he can transform his R2-D2 into Dee-Dee, the droid from the Pink 5 fan film series. This shows how you can effectively have a second droid at a fraction of the cost of building a complete duplicate. The transformation took mere minutes.

I presented a series of questions, and we took questions from the audience. After an hour, our time was up, and we packed up and headed back to our display room, where we answered more questions and were able to provide a better close up view to the attendees.

I think our visit was much appreciated, and we'll likely be back in the future.


Anonymous said...

Hey Victor!
Local SF fans ask all the time about you guys and tell us how much they enjoyed the bots.

We had the Loscon 39 meeting last weekend and the Make Room!Make Room! is invited back for November. Make Room was offered a larger space in the rear of the dealer's room, this will increase traffic flow for everyone and will make us easier to find.

If area droid makers are interested we'd love to have 'em get in contact .Suggestions for things that might make the event more comfortable are welcome, as are panel ideas.

Jeni Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society and Loscon 39

Victor Franco said...

Hi Jeni,

Thanks for the kind words. I've forwarded you comment on to Randy Eubanks, who headed up our participation last year.