Sunday, October 16, 2011

R2 Las Vegas

Saturday was R2-Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas goes on the blog.

R2 Builders Club founder Dave Everett and Mike Senna discuss Mike's WALL•E build. (There must be some irony there somewhere.)

Meanwhile, Max Cervantes, William Miyamoto and Michael McMaster discuss the superior R2-D2 with Mike Johnson.

We had an opportunity to see the amazing fiberglass R&J dome that Brett Landon produces.

R2 can stop traffic, even when it's toward the back of an industrial park.

In an apparent experiment in team droid building, Dan drills without looking, while William coaches on the position and depth of the cut.

The group picture. Sure enough, we had even more show up later in the day!

It was a great time, and I really appreciated meeting many builders for the first time.

On Sunday, we made he obligatory trip to the Las Vegas sign.

And then we were on our way home, avoiding exits to nowhere.

Thank you to Damien Metz for hosting R2LV,and to Mike Johnson for helping arrange the gathering. Much appreciated!

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