Saturday, September 24, 2011

R2LA Build Day

Today was an R2LA build day at Mike Senna's place, in lieu of the cancelled Wizard World Los Angeles convention.

Michael McMaster brought his WALL•E drivetrain down. When fitted with the WALL•E body, head, and arms that Mike Senna has built, things were really shaping up.

Ed Perello brought his nice, shiny dome. All the electronics were functioning great, and it had the periscope and life form scanner deployed.

At one point we attempted to shoot a wooden frame glue-up tutorial. We'll see if that ended up working out once we review everything we shot.

Mike Senna had Kayla Miyamoto literally drooling over my droid.

For over a year, Max Cervantes' display from Star Wars Celebration V had been living behind Mike's shed. A circular saw helped end all that.

There was a little pouring of resin as well.

Zoe Miyamoto tries on Max' old TRON helmet.

We wrapped things up with pizza. It was a good build day, and it was great meeting several new builders in person for the first time.

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