Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Attached Top Two Door Mounting Brackets

Tonight I got started installing the door mounting brackets on the frame.

I lined up the left top bracket with the line I traced on the frame last night, and marked where to drill one of the holes.

I repeated the process for the right top bracket as well.

I then drilled a pilot hole for one of the two #4 1/2" wood screws that I'm using to attach the bracket to the frame.

Here's something I don't recommend, snapping the drill bit in the hole.

About 20 minutes later I managed to pull the sucker out, and switched to a larger bit. This one was 1/16". Not the first time I've done this, and probably not the last.

With the first screw in place, I drilled the hole for the second screw.

Time to do the bottom two brackets.

Oh, wait. I can't. The intersection of the horizontal and vertical ribs is uneven on both sides. I thought I had finished work on the frame a year or two ago, but it was time to break out the sand paper again.

Now it's smooth, but in the process I sanded off my bracket alignment mark. I'll need to tape the door down again and retrace it.

Same thing for the right side.

As much as I would have liked to finish up the bracket installation tonight, it started getting late, and I decided this can wait, hopefully just a day.

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