Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cut More PVC Covers for Battery Terminals, Painted Skin Screws White, Widened Knurled Fitting Holes on Foot Shells

Today I came up with a semi-legitimate R2-building reason to return to Mike's. I needed to use his band saw to cut segments of PVC to cover the terminals on the second set of batteries I recently purchased.

About five minutes on the band saw, and my R2 Building at Mike's house was mostly done. These get glued onto the batteries with PVC glue.

Mike did a quality test to make sure the PVC glue is still fresh. It is.

And on they go.

Meanwhile, Mike Senna and Michael McMaster continued working on their WALL•E builds. Mike was busy working on parts for the arm.

Glad those are his fingers and not mine.

Michael finished up the main part of the build of his front box and button panel. He used Mike's finished parts as a guide.

Michael also worked on casting treads from the mold he and Mike made yesterday.

Ever wonder what would happen if the resin decided to harden while it was still being poured? Today is your lucky day (and Michael's unlucky day). That surface is supposed to be smooth, but it looks a little like the aftermath of a lava flow.

As Michael had a 3-hour drive back home, we wrapped things up and headed out. Poor Mike's R2s... they've been demoted to living under the staircase.

Back home, I took a few minutes to paint the screw heads that secure the skins to the frame. I told myself not to forget to paint the screws on the drivetrain too, but of course, I forgot.

There are six screws in this picture, but once painted, they don't stand out anymore.

I finished by fixing a minor problem on the foot shells. The holes on the front foot strips on the outer feet didn't perfectly align with the holes in the styrene foot shells. I needed to file down a few microns of styrene, using a half-round file.

That's better.

Other than installing the back door, and painting the drivetrain screws, I think things are very close to being done now.

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