Friday, July 01, 2011

CHOC Summer 2011 Visit

Today R2 returned to Children's Hospital Orange County, for his Summer 2011 visit.

As usual, no pictures of patients, but a typical room visit looked a lot like this. Amber, the special programs coordinator, escorted us from room to room, announcing the exciting guest to each patient we visited. One youngster in particular went from somewhat groggy to instant elation when he saw R2.

As always, the staff loves R2 and they don't miss a chance to take pictures.

There are also activity rooms for patients and family members that we visit each time. Goodies are handed out (action figures, Star Wars PEZ dispensers, Star Wars stickers, coloring books, etc.) in both the activity rooms and the patients' rooms. I managed to avoid getting any patients in this shot.

Another very good visit.


Anonymous said...

Great visit ! CHOC is a really nice facility too. I am taking R2 to visit Huntington Hospital this Sunday to visit the kiddies too !


Victor Franco said...

Thanks Russell, I hope you have a great visit too!