Monday, June 27, 2011

Started Attaching Skin Panels

Today I attached most of the skin panels.

I'm using silicone to attach the panels that will be in place semi-permanently.

First, I applied some silicone around the perimeter of the hole where each panel belongs.

Next, I placed the panel down, and used a toothpick to scoop out any silicone that seeped into the seam.

I then used the blue painter's tape to secure the panel, while the silicone dries overnight.

This process was repeat many times.

I also glued down the pocket vents and front coin return with silicone.

After letting the silicone cure for a few hours, I applied more silicone to the seam on the backs of these panels.

I used my finger to smear it around.

For the framed panels that I may want to hinge one day so that they can open and close, I used regular masking tape, as I did on droid #1. I used blue painter's tape to help center the panel in place.

Then I applied the masking tape on the inside, to hold the panel in place, and then I was able to remove the blue tape on the front.

Unfortunately, on the long front panel on the left, I pressed too hard and cracked the bond between the frame piece and the rest of the panel, at the very bottom.

I used silicone to help seal that up.

I clipped the frame back onto the panel, and I'll let that dry overnight.

I wrapped up by attaching the two long panels on the rear skins with silicone.

I also applied silicone on the backs of these panels, and then afterward smeared it smooth.

Here's where things stand.

Still to do on the skins: Attach the panel that I cracked (assuming it is good to go), and attach the small styrene side pieces that go on the sides. I will probably attach the side vents toward the end, because once those go on, taking the skins off won't be easy, since they attach to both the front and rear skins.

I may not have time to work on droid #2 tomorrow, but I'll get back to it as soon as I can.

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