Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evercoat for Booster Cover Slot Fillers

This may be borderline obsessive, but I did a little work on the slot fillers for the booster cover head pieces, even though they are difficult to even see once installed.

These are made of a couple of layers of stacked MDF. There is a small seam between the two layers.

On goes the Evercoat.

And off goes most of it with a light sanding.

I also noticed a little chip in the wood underneath the primer of one of the corners of one of the booster covers. It doesn't particularly bother me, but I've seen paint react badly to this kind of thing.

So this guy got a little Evercoat and sanding as well.

The slot fillers are ready for final priming and painting (as are the rest of the booster cover parts), two per booster head piece. I've decided to paint them aluminum colored for droid #2.

Oh, and my Vantec RDFR23 speed controller blew up today. More on that Saturday.

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