Sunday, February 06, 2011

Finished Painting Ankle Details, Battery Box Harnesses and Center Ankle Cylinders

Painting time! The ankle details, battery box harnesses, and center ankle cylinders are ready for their blue paint.

First,I have to mask all the parts. This always takes longer than I think it will. The ankle cylinders are easy enough, though.

The ankle details are a little trickier, as there are a couple of curved areas that need to be masked, at the base of the tab that is to be painted blue.

I decided to try using a hole punch on the masking tape, to see if I could get a good curve from it.

Did it work? Kinda. Of course, the masking tape wants to stick to the hole punch, so it gets a little mangled on the way out. I just need some quarter circles, so with enough punching and cutting, I can manage to get what I need.

That should do. The non-white areas are from where I sanded the primer. I will apply a mist coat of primer before painting.

Finally, masking the battery box harnesses. These are tedious in their own unique way as well.

I mummified each of them, one by one.

Okay, time to paint! Starting with the ankle details and battery box harnesses. I applied a light mist coat of primer before proceeding.

As always, purple goes on first. Disregard the jungle in the background. It was either paint or yard work. I stand by my decision.

Next, purple for the center ankle cylinders.

Ten minutes later, and I applied the blue layer to the parts.

And finally, another ten minutes later, I applied the clear coats, ten minutes apart from each other.

I'll give these a day to dry and then unmask them. I noticed that there were some small areas on the harnesses that may need some touch-up on the aluminum areas, that I can do with a fine-bristled brush. If I get any leakage of the blue onto the silver, I'll also fix that up.


Samurai said...

Wow that table saw cutting looks dangerous... :)

Victor Franco said...

It took me a minute, but that was funny! Table saw... :-)